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We always have something fun to do during our bi-monthly meetings! 
Here's a list of our activities during this years past few meetings:
First meeting! 

Our first meeting of the year was when we welcomed our new members! With candy prizes for the first three winners, we went around the room learning about each other in a sort of "ice breaker" game.Before leaving, our members were sure to set their writing goals for the year!

Pass it around and write more down!

For our second meeting, we did a pass-around writing activity. First person sets up the setting, second person adds some characters, and so on as your paper goes through the room. From dancing, singing unicorns to a potential story idea, everybody got something different back!

Who said lists were just for grocery shopping? 

When looking for inspiration, did you ever think of listing? It sounds strange but it's effective! List things you like, thing that make you smile, or even smells you like! Take that list and use those to guide your writing! Some of our members produced some amazing poems thanks to this technique!

Welcome to

Carthage High School's

Authors Anonymous!

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