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About Our Club:

For writers,by writers:

We're open to every type of writing! We have plenty of poets, aspiring novelists, and journalists. If you want to make your writing into a career, it takes practice. That's why we're here for you. 

While it's true that anyone with an imagination can write, it's also true that it's a difficult skill that takes a lot of polishing to come even close to complete mastery. In a world of harsh critics, it's difficult for young adults to get taken seriously or for them to get constructive criticism on their work.  That's why our club was created to help young adult writers polish their skills, get advise from writers just like them and to promote the art of writing in our school and community.

Feel free to stop by W214 for a meeting to see if it's the place for you! We have a lot of activities to participate in from learning how to come up with ideas more easily, reading the writing of other writers and giving commentary, and the occasional party!

Room: W214

Adviser: Mrs. Burkhart

​Meetings: During Seminar every 2nd and last Friday of every month. (Meeting dates can sometimes change; pay close attention to the afternoon announcements!)083758

Welcome to

Carthage High School's

Authors Anonymous!

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